The MultiSniper Bots started as a project to build a community and prevent people from being scammed.

We launched Multisniper Basic with open code and no lock on any wallet because we wanted to prove that it is not a scam. Trust is the most important and it is hard to gain in crypto world, these days.

MultiSniper Plus launched with extra options to get more exposure and grow the comunity with the support we provide (included the Node guide so people can have their own node and be faster)

MultiSniper Plus is a project that aims to become “All IN ONE Sniper Bot” and incorporate smart functions that can protect you from scams.

With the launch of the Web Interface, we are a step closer to providing our users with the possibility of sniping Multi Block Chains on Multi Markets.

This project has a continuous development to keep up with changes in token listings and blockchains modifications. We will try to adapt to any situation, even if it’s hard to keep up with all our users requests.

Using the money from sales, we plan to start developing a platform to identify scam tokens and keep up with future exploits that scammers may invent.

Before platform launch, we will have a token launch so we can get more investment funds for marketing and expansion, meaning this is only the base of the project.


All these will lead to ramify the platform in 2 directions :

  1. A new platform that people can list tokens on and make marketing (of course, those who will list need to pass the check and the requirements so we can see it’s not a scam.
  2. A platform for presales that will have a very strict set of conditions so whoever enters the presale, will never be scammed

    Now each one of these 2 directions have a lot of things behind that will expand. If you had time to read all above then you must understand the reason of all this : to change crypto back like it was meant when Satoshi invented Bitcoin – a decentralized platform where people can get projects going and invest without worrying of scams (honeypots, rugs, fake projects and stuff)