1What methods of payment can i use?
You are able to pay in BNB, BUSD or even ETH. You can connect your Metamask wallet on the checkout page for auto-confirmation of payment. After, you will receive an e-mail with your download link so make sure you have access to it. Keep in mind that we will never ask you to pay on Telegram or anywhere else besides https://www.multisniperbot.com
2Why should i buy from you?
Because unlike the other developers we are not only selling a software, we also provide full support and free setup for our clients (Telegram/Discord/Anydesk) Our software is updated all the time to keep up with the new modifications on the market and the updates are free for our customers. We want to have a long and a legit service.
3Do i need a very good computer to use any of your bots?
No, it doesn't have to be the best computer. Our software doesn't require too many resources. We recommend renting a dedicated server to use with BSC Full Node. You need a computer that can connect to the internet. *** BSC Full Node is NOT a software we developed. We update the requirements of BSC Full Node all the time.
4Do i need a good internet connection to use the bot?
No, to use the bot you need a minimum internet connection (to be able to browse a website for example)
5Can i snipe with my smartphone?
Yes, even though is not recommended, the Multisniper Plus version can be used by accessing the browser on your smartphone.
6If I would buy Multisniper Bot do I need to make a detailed setup or it is enough to run it and make the adjustments ?
MultiSniper Basic you can run it from your PC. if you want, just use the guide in the archive, the Multisniper Plus version needs a server, that's where the support comes in. We help you with the full installation and we guide you step by step in order for you to understand how it works.
7How much does it cost the recommended server?
The server we recommend is 200 euro/month and they take a setup fee of 143 euro extra (one time only) This server you rent from a hosting company that is not affiliated with us but we recommend this server because we found it to be best priced for its specifications.
8How long do i need to wait for the server?
After you purchase the recommended server, it might take 4-5 days, depends on the hosting company. Please consider that after you receive the server, the node setup will also take around 9-12 hours to full sync.
9I bought the bot from somewhere/someone else, what are the steps to setup it?
MultiSniper Bot (Basic or Plus with the official site: https://multisniperbot.com) DOESN'T allow reselling (people do it on their own), we also don't provide support if you bought from a reseller (he is getting the money so he should do the work) If you bought the encoded version then we are sorry to tell you that you were scammed, The MultiSniper Plus is locked on IP and it can only be used by clients that purchased from https://multisniperbot.com.
10I am new to this, the bot is it hard to use? It really works?
If you are reffering to the MultiSniper Plus it has an User Oriented Web Interface that combines functionality with usability making it easier for an unexperienced user to understand how to use the bot. The rest of the bots you see on our website requires a bit of understanding of Linux and Terminal Commands. And YES, it works! If you want a real feedback, please join our Discord server and ask our existing clients.
11What's the node for?
The SmartChain Node is actually the complete database of every past/present/future transaction was/will be made on that blockchain. As any sniping/trading bot on the market we need to get the information from somewhere. This is where having your own SmartChain Node on your server comes in and makes you competitive having fast access to that information.